Calling SDK

This is the kitchen sink sample for the calling webrtc SDK.


TIP: Get access token from our developer portal:

NOTE: Webex JS SDK must be initialized using a valid token.


Initializes webex object and registers Webex JS SDK as a device. Supplementary services require token with spark:calls_write scope.

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Advanced Settings

Following options allow to set the type of registration, service domain (e.g., server region (e.g. east) and the country (e.g. us).

Note: Please update these before Initialize Calling if want to use different values.

Not initialized

Register with WebexCalling.

Not Registered

Media Streams

Local Video
Local Audio
Remote Video

Call initialization

Add Local Media

NOTE: In order to send audio/video we must request permissions from the user to access camera and microphone.

Outgoing Call
Incoming Call
 No Incoming Calls
Call Controls

NOTE: In case of consult transfer, the transfer button makes a call to the transfer target.

Call Transfer

Transfer call status
Call Quality
Call quality Metrics
Media Devices

NOTE: Choose your sending and receiving options for the meeting.

Cleanup Media
Call History
Voice Mail




Call Settings

Call Forwarding


Forward calls to voicemail

Voicemail notifications


NOTE:Works with custom contacts only. Cloud contacts need Dss plugin

Id Avatar Display Name Type Phone Contact Id Groups Action
Contact Groups
Id Group Name GroupType Group Id Members Action
Create Custom Contact

Create Cloud contact (Directory)
Create Contact groups